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Super Columbine Massacre RPG!


NOTICE: Though this game is independently published, the creator estimates that it would be rated "M" (Mature) by the ESRB.

Artist's Statement Full Run-Through Video

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Please feel free to peruse the press room, the discussion forum, and the artist's statement sections for thoughts and ideas on video gaming, the shooting and aftermath, and how unconventional art forms can present important social critique.

This game was a finalist at Slamdance 2007 until the game was PULLED from the competition. Click above to get the whole story.
"Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" is a FREE Role Playing Game (RPG) for your PC - no malware, spyware or other junk.

DESCRIPTION: This game delves into the morning of April 20th, 1999 and asks players to relive that day through the eyes of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, those responsible for the deadliest school shooting in American history. Preview pictures can be found below.

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, or XP, 233mhz processor, 128mb RAM, 50mb disk space, soundcard. WINDOWS USERS ONLY.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Save "ColumbineRPG.zip" to your desktop or another folder of your choice and open it using Winzip (or a similar program). Run "Setup.exe" and create a folder for the game on your hard drive. The "README.txt" file contains basic game instructions. Finally, run "RPG_RT.exe" to PLAY.

If you do not have an unzipping program, you may download 7-zip here.

FONT PATCH: For newer Windows computers running RPG Maker 2000 - download here.

A WORD TO THE WISE: Save your game whenever possible and explore! This game is intended to deepen the understanding of the shooting and its possible causes. What the player takes out of it is ultimately dependant upon what the player puts into it.


"Interactivity is one of the core features that differentiate games from passive media like film. In a game we play a role. Most of the time, the roles we play in games are roles of power. Space marine, world-class footballer or hero plumber. Isn't it about time we played the role of the weak, the misunderstood, even the evil? If videogames remain places where we only exercise juvenile power fantasies, I'm not sure there will be a meaningful future for the medium." - Ian Bogost, Watercooler Games

"I said this game is one of the most important in gaming history, which I meant for two reasons. First, [the creator] has used a video game (successfully, I might add) to explore an important socio-cultural event. This is, hopefully, the first step towards the acceptance of video games as a legitimate medium for the expression of serious thought. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it is one of the only psychological explorations of the Columbine killers ever completed, and its sincerity is evident in the care displayed in the design of the game. It reminds us that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the murderers of Columbine, were victims of Columbine, as well." - Ryan Moore, The Pale Writer

"For me, this was one of the hardest games I've ever played. After 20 years of gaming, it's almost natural at this point to try and immerse myself in what I play, but doing so in this case was impossible. If anything, the constant cycle of playing the game versus thinking about playing the game - the association, then dissociation - helped to sharpen the line between game and reality, not blur it. The striking grimness of the contained events, combined with the memory of their transgression, created a very real pathos towards the victims, their killers, and having to deal with consequences for those of us left in the wake. It was certainly not the self-indulgent killfest that many have deemed it." - Dustin, SCMRPG player